As soon as I saw the KIIK Luxe brand while scrolling through the AlibiOnline website I was impressed. The relaxed, on-trend pieces are right up my fashion alley and are available in loads of colours and prints.

I couldn’t go past the gorgeous KL414 Knit Top in the coral (available in black, mushroom, mustard and cream) $94.95.

AlibiOnline stock brands such as KIIK Luxe that are sized as ONE SIZE FITS MOST. I was intrigued by this approach to sizing and wanted to see how it would fit for me as a size 14.

My verdict is that I think the fit is fabulous. ONE SIZE FITS MOST not only makes online shopping a breeze, as in, you don’t have to search for your size, but it also puts most shoppers on a level playing field and doesn’t categorise women, according to size. The pieces are carefully designed to fit oversized and relaxed, on smaller women and take a more fitted shape on a curvier frame. And, it works!

The sizing guide says that ONE SIZE FITS MOST will fit from a size 8 to a size 18. I am a good, filled out size 14 and the KL414 Knit Top has a relaxed, generous fit on me.

I have paired my gorgeous knit with the Jaydan Coated Jeans in a size 14. Read all about them here.


AlibiOnline stock a wide range of KIIK LUXE “ONE SIZE FITS MOST products (many of which are sitting in my shopping cart as we speak). The sizing and relaxed fit of the pieces makes them very versatile.

 I couldn’t help myself and I decided to demonstrate this versatility. So keep an eye out for tomorrows “1 Outfit 6 Ways” post, where I style the above outfit to create six different looks.


P.S. check out the KL406 Vest #iaminlovewiththis

Happy shopping Xx

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