How to Wear a Leather Jacket

Whenever the opportunity arises for me to invest in a piece of clothing that I feel is missing from my wardrobe, I weigh the pros and cons, and………. always end up committing to the purchase. 

My leather jacket is one of those investments. I don’t wear it often but when I do, I always wonder why I don’t wear it more!

My favourite way to style my leather jacket is over a casual shirt with jeans. It’s such an easy look to wear during the day and the leather is so warm. If I’m venturing out at night (which happens rarely) I love pairing a pretty maxi dress with the rough look of leather.

Here are my 5 ingredients for a leather jacket.

  1. Versatility: As much as I love coloured leather, knowing my own wardrobe, a black or tan leather is where I will get the most use, so instead of using colour to make my jacket pop I look for other features.
  2. Fit: I like my jackets to be flattering, so I go for a snug fit rather than an oversized jacket. On the down side this can mean that they don’t always zip up, but that’s easily remedied with a nice scarf to keep in the warmth.
  3. Length: I find that a waist-length jacket works best for me and draws in my waist while still keeping me warm.
  4. Feel: There are so many types of gorgeous leathers around these days. I prefer a soft leather as it falls nicely over anything that I pair it with.
  5. Detail: Buttons, zips, braiding and edging. I love adding interest to my leather jackets with daring detail.

Incase you’re considering making an investment of your own, here a few gorgeous leather and leather look jackets to shop.

Belle Bird Belle Leatherette Jacket – size 10 – 22 $99.00

Boho Bird Cherished Leather Jacket – size 10 – 22 $319.00

Threadz Faux Suede Jacket – size S – XL $69.00

Jump Leather Jacket – size – 8 – 14 $349.00

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