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My Tips for Tucking

Adding a tuck to your look will create a whole new dimension to your outfit. I am a good size 14 with a belly (usually full of Tim Tams) and a decent sized pair of hips, so I wrongly assumed that tucking in my tops would accentuate these areas and that wearing oversized tees was the way to go. Then…… I tried tucking! And I loved it.

I follow a few rules when wearing a tucked look.

Combine fitted with loose – If I wear fitted jeans I pair them with an oversized tee and tuck the front in. If I wear Harem pants or a maxi skirt, I wear a tighter tucked in tee or a body suit.


Layers work great – Tucking your tee into your pants, jeans or skirt make it super simple to combine it with an oversized cardi or jacket and still keep shape to the outfit.


Hail the half tuck – I very rarely tuck my whole tee. I find it adds bulk to my mid section, so just tuck the front half of the top in and wear it loose in the back.

Happy tucking Xx.

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